Oxford Chemistry is home to many incredible and inspiring staff, students, and alumni - check out their profiles!

— Researcher Profiles — 

DPhil Student
J. Burton Group
Stamatia Zavitsanou.png
DPhil Student​
F. Duarte Group
Hannah Fowler.png
DPhil Student
J. Doye Group
Pauline Piper.png
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
E. Anderson Group
Laura Bickerton.png
DPhil Student
M. Langton/P. Beer Groups
Fernanda Duarte.png
Associate Professor 
University of Oxford
Machteld Kamminga.png

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
S. Clarke Group

— Career Profiles —

Sandra Ionescu.png

Research Scientist
Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Charlotte Kirk.png

Oxford DPhil Alum
B. David Group

Jennie Botham.png

Teaching Laboratory Technician
CTL, Oxford

Melodie Richardson.png

Trainee Patent Attorney
Mewburn Ellis LLP

Maitane Fernandez Chento.png

Programme Manager

OxICFM CDT, Oxford